Monthly Archives: November 2017

Episode 106 – Donwill

This week, Robin and DJ/comic Donwill rundown some of the week’s top news stories and pieces that got cut from the show. You won’t want to miss this one–Robin recounts a harrowing tale of a broken collarbone, and Donwill breaks down his favorite Blaxploitation movie.

Episode 105 – Bevy Smith

This week, Robin and fellow fashion queen Bevy Smith talk winter fashion, Prince, and a better hair color for Donna Brazile (#PurpleTint.) Plus, hear more about the making of last night’s sketch, “On the Edge of Glory.”

Episode 104 – Seaton Smith

This week, Robin and Seaton Smith (Top Five, Mulaney, “The Hairmaid’s Tale”) talk about their roots and some truly insane headlines. Want to hear Seaton’s story about being in a buffet line with Kim and Kanye? Then this is the podcast for you!